City: Vilnius
Total Area: 65
Year: 2023
Interior Architects: Linas JurevičiusType: ResidentialPhoto By: Leonas Garbačauskas

Lifestyle begins at home

For this project, we combined oak, terrazzo stone, polished steel, leather, concrete, moss, ash and neon colors that live well in the environment. The freedom to combine achromatic colors with chromatic ones allows not to define boundaries and leaves the opportunity to choose how the house will look in the future. Freedom does not necessarily mean minimalism, it can be created through geometric shapes and materiality.

Of course, the main accent of the house has become the kitchen, which invites friends to chat and dance, from which the phrase for the ice-neon sign found its place. Wood profiles, which have become part of the identity of the Lithuanian interior, decorate not only the walls, but also the ceiling, where the lighting is hidden and which enhances the depth of the corridor. The rhythm of the wood profiles is repeated in the concrete decor of the walls and moderately in the facades of other furniture. The interior of the house maintains a balance, which can be seen in the proportions of the furniture and the color palette. Each room can be visually cut in half and weighed on a scale. If we want to change the balance, there is freedom to drop something or add something new.

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